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12 ladybugs came at the ladybugs' picnic

Finished two stories in time for PSFV2. Dean's call looks, from an engineer's pov, the equivalent of the ASEMEP NTS. Always anticipated, always obliged to think of something new. Grammar slips included.

I'm still torn whether to pass the fetish-based slipstream or the satirical dystopian turn-of-the-century detective noir (mouthful alert!). In the meantime, I've abandoned a bildungsroman set in the 90's. Too short to be a short story, and it's already scattered into different plots. Too revealingly biographical, and biographically revealing as well. Et tu?

Pregnant women surround me everyday and they hover like planets. They very much conform to the IUA criteria, particularly the third in which they clear every object in their path. Me included, by choice.

I'm having post-verbal diarrhea symptoms again. Small chunks. Ilocanos call it pugtit.

“12 ladybugs came at the ladybugs' picnic”

  1. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Hmmm... the noir one sounds good. At the very least Dean will be forced to say that mouthful everytime he has to describe your story. ;-)

    On another note, that's one advantage about coming in late submitting: can always conform to the editor's preference. (Yes, haven't finished my story. Auugh!)