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Holding back the years

Tomorrow, it's like 19 turning on 20 again.

“Holding back the years”

  1. Blogger paiwinklebloo Says:

    happy happy then. (:

  2. Blogger McVie Says:

    Happy, happy birdie! Make sure you wear your birthday suit. :-)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    happy birthday!!


    still remember me? :-)

  4. Anonymous lala Says:

    not like that at all.

    the 3s are crucial, for one malapit ng lumampas sa kalendaryo.

    time is running. aacck!

  5. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Uy, birthday mo pala!

    ... LIBRE! LIBRE!

    ... ay, happy birthday pala. :-D

  6. Blogger aa Says:

    happy birthday. makakarelate ka na sa MTV Generation. i fwd'd you a copy, hehe.

  7. Blogger christie Says:

    Wow, Sky! Hepeh birthdeh! Write on!


  8. Blogger sky Says:

    thanks guys!

    good thing that the birthday suit didn't need ironing. yet.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hi lolo...belated!...coleen