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Perception is reality

Last time I mentioned that I've been searching for the perfect car. I'm working on it and for the life of me, getting one notch higher in terms of the letter after the numbers "1.3" equates to a 5-digit difference that could spell financial disaster.

I don't know. I like my door handles to be the same as the color of the body, in which I am torn between Shoreline Mist Metallic (gold, or a kind of metallic beige) and Nighthawk Black Pearl (which is, er, black). I like 5-spoke mags and an mp3 player. All the small things.

I sound like a celebrity columnist in Philippine Star so I'll stop.

I just don't get it. It seems that I am the only one remaining committed to the original closure date of my project. The good thing was demand decreased (favorable for project planning, but businesswise, it isn't) and everybody relaxed. I am my own pep squad and the team is sleeping on the last two minutes. Strange, I don't shy away from commitments.

Spirit of Bree van de Kamp is that you?

“Perception is reality”

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    Belated Happy Birthday sa ating dalawa! Tumatanda na tayo...