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Pure shores

I'm not in the right season (except if I'm in Europe but right now I'm not), I know, but I'm reading Alex Garland's The Beach whenever I can.

The man's been frequenting the Philippines every year and he slips right under our noses?

“Pure shores”

  1. Blogger Ken Lee Says:

    hey. you left a message on my blogspot. then the link you left was directed to your LJ, so I tried to leave you a message there. But your LJ rejected my comment, saying something like 'sod off, only friends can leave comments'. anyway, i added you there as well. :p

    so, how'd you find my blogspot?

  2. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Have you read The Tesseract? That one has Metro Manila as a setting. Not that I've read it but been meaning to borrow my brother's copy but haven't the time.

  3. Blogger sky Says:

    ken: shared you the long story already. schoolmates forever! hehehe.

    bc: yep, been meaning to read the tesseract as well. and glad to say that i am separated by three degrees only to mr. garland! hope to meet him soon.

  4. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Really? How so?

  5. Blogger sky Says:

    me --> ex-intel officemate and lj friend --> alex' ilocano mentor --> alex garland.

    i'm guilty of namedropping.

  6. Blogger bibliobibuli Says:

    hi sky. i love 'the beach' and read 'the tesseract' long before i came to manila. i'd like to read it again, having encountered the city

    if you can track him down, please blog it and let me know!