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Chasing Xangsane, Baptizing Suvarnabhumi

I didn't know that on my first night of my stay here in Bangkok, the sky was drizzling and I have followed Xangsane (the weaker version of what used to be Milenyo back in the Philippines). The billboards of the freeway didn't budge an inch to her passing.

Bangkok has a new airport which just opened last month, the design reminded me of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and what NAIA Terminal 3 should have been. Glass and metal and white travellers. We built T3 way ahead of Suvarnabhumi but we haven't used it yet.

And I am extending my stay until Monday afternoon. I just hope the money won't run dry when I go haggling in Chatuchak this weekend.

“Chasing Xangsane, Baptizing Suvarnabhumi”

  1. Blogger christie Says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Chatuchak!Shopper's Heaven!!!

    Tip of all tips: Don't think, just buy! (Bags and Shoes must be bought at only B70 a piece/pair, and never EVER drink Iced Tea from there! Unless you want to soil your pants standing up.)

    Did you go to Sukhumvit like I told you?!? Do not miss Siam Paragon. It'll spoil all the malls in the world for you.

    Sayang di tayo abot. I'll be flying off to BKK around next week (and that means we have to resked our bookswap).

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    waaa, nag-bangkok ka, manong? inggit ako!!! would love to go back sa chatuchak! dami ko di binili na pinagsisisihan ko ngayon!

    so, pumunta ka ba dun sa famous nightspot nila? :P and im not talking about the night market ha! :D