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I write sins not tragedies

I should have said I am pregnant with stories, simple as that. But J demanded that I should show and don't tell. Pretty much a challenge to illustrate a pregnant man using ASCII characters so this was how I made my workaround:

I've been having morning sickness lately and it is then that I concluded, after having one night stands with Chuck Palahniuk, Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, and T.C. Boyle that I, Oscar Lopez Alvarez, am pregnant. The words house, amulet and samadhi have been floating in my man-uterus for months, longer than honeymooning elephants or our nearest cousins, the gallivanting gorillas.

Accepted for publication:

V.A., or The One True Agency For The Search of Disappeared Gods and Mythical Heroes in Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 2

A Change of Guards in A Time For Dragons

Economy Class in Caracoa, A Philippine Literary Arts Council Publication


Comparative Study of the Effect of Bond Pad Diameter on Wafer Level Solder Bump Reliability in Proceedings of the IPC/JEDEC International Conference on Lead Free Electronic Components and Assemblies "RoHS Compliance and Beyond"

The latter in which, I will be off to Singapore next week to present.

Katayan na to!

“I write sins not tragedies”

  1. Blogger aa Says:

    cool. hataw!

  2. Blogger handyfemme Says:

    Superstar na siya! Hehehe.