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"When you travel, your first discovery is that you do not exist"

--Elizabeth Hardwick

Blogging about travel and thinking how cool (and therefore, pretentious) I am that I am on my 12th plane this year and it's already October and yet I feel so homesick because I miss my boys and I want to try the new Philips LCD screen I bought for a song in Sim Lim Square and I want to assemble the Ikea Knappa Lamp but now I am an hour behind all my friends because I am in Bangkok and there's a possibility that I will stay a day longer and I only have a few cash left in my person and I don't know how will I live by the day because I don't want to use my personal credit card and my hotel is so bad the towels are rough and I smell sperm on the carpet and everything I touch and I blend so easily in the crowd even if my Dutch-English accent is a giveaway.



  1. Blogger christie Says:

    Btw your rambling reminds of EBTG's One Place:

    "25 planes this year
    And it's only July."