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TCLS in SP1 2007

I was waiting for this to happen before I say anything more:

Right there, on the fourth line. I've seen the website and the issue's still not there. Interesting spams on the forums, btw.


It's red.

I know it's blatant vanity, but I went straight to see my picture on the first page, and then jumped to my story. I'm sure it was me there in black and white. I thought the author pics would still be rendered in color but the effect is still great. I was singing "Remedy" in my head.

Still the same great art direction. When they said Fiction that Swims in Your Head before, I still agree until now. Vertiginous.

While reading my story I had this cheesy epiphany that I felt that I didn't write this piece. I don't know if it's a normal reaction, but because I knew what the draft was like and how the editing turned out, the difference juts out every now and then. But I'd definitely say that it didn't do any damage to the story and it made it look better.

Gratitude goes to Dean Alfar for doing something magical.

“TCLS in SP1 2007”