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What happened to Warm Bodies?

From an e-mail thread about Lasang Pinoy's months of absence, similarly I think I have a lot of explaining to do. At least out of courtesy.

We had trouble getting a sufficient number of entries to reach critical mass, we were busy, we were travelling a lot (work, not pleasure) and the project was shelved indefinitely. The question whether to continue WB was left hanging until now. Taking the time to address this question, likewise.

“What happened to Warm Bodies?”

  1. Blogger noreen Says:

    honga, naging busy na ang lahat. :) ang peyups nga, jan 30 pa last article na na-publish, pakisabi naman sa mga editors ng peyups... LOL

    mustamos, manong?

  2. Blogger sky Says:

    blocked na sa office ang peyups.com! palibhasa ibang...ay, ayoko nang magcomment.

    heto always praning.