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Call for submissions: Nostalgia Galore!

Call me a publicity pimp. This is definitely shameless, but you can't blame me for the increased traffic that the previous brouhaha has ensued. And if two entries after almost a month after announcing makes me worried about the survival of Warm Bodies, I therefore plug the call for submissions to Warm Bodies 3: Nostalgia Galore.

Dali na, submit na. Now na! Deadline is on September 15. Send it to warmDOTbodies3ATgmailDOTcom. Everything is gratis, but your contribution will be returned to you a thousandfold in spirit and good karma credits on your next step to nirvana.

Get your guidelines here.

A prayer on the side: Lord, give me a rich benefactor who can sponsor a real Warm Bodies book next year. Selling my body isn't enough as there are no takers. Amen.

“Call for submissions: Nostalgia Galore!”