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Thursday, February 22, 2007 by sky

It's not a bad thing to bring back my interest in photography. There's a bit of regret on the downside on choosing LCD over CRT for post-processing though. It's still a hit-and-miss thing if I produced the colors right.

And so, the first shoots (er, like bamboo) of 2007. Images are mine. Don't you dare.

Stupas from the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. Tiles from Toto Mariwasa?

A Hindu woman inside a Buddhist temple. Who says religions should clash?

Sunday afternoon lazing in the backyard.

Just in time for balentaym

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 by sky

It maybe apocalyptic in nature, but learn from it.
Cozyreads' initial offering, Heartbreak is now available at Booktopia Libis.

Here's the TOC:
Sometimes the Ears Don't Fit - Carljoe Javier
Waxing Poetic - Chinggay Labrador
Leave-taking - Jonathan Jimena Siason
Letters to Joaquin - E.C. De Los Reyes
No Girlfriend Since Birth - Sharleen Banzon
Highly Confidential: The Electronic Journal of Ana Banana - Sally Magdiwang
Adios Con Leche! - I.P. Goze
Buried Treasure on Casiana Street - Ana Maria S. Villanueva
Resurfacing - Ryan Ben Gabby Taborada
In Bits and Pieces - Faye Ilogon

*image snagged from christie.


The first thing I've noticed when Sally Magdiwang gave me an autographed copy was how "international" the book design was. Not the typical local publication that's sized about half a legal with starch-white leaves and unreadable typography (Haven't you noticed in Solidaridad that most Filipiniana books have the same height? To be fair though, traditional French books are covered in generic white and have the same height too. Perfect for idealists.)

Sized like a typical paperback and on newsprint. It's a far cry from Harlequin and Mills & Boon though. I'd love to see stacks of this in supermarkets and 7-11's.

Stories--I tuned out most of the time because I cannot relate. Heheh. Wife likes it though. The journal of Ana Banana stood out, Helen Fieldingesque in style. Funny twist to the pathos that's supposed to cover broken cardioids.


Why do I devote two paragraphs on the merits of the cover and a short one on the stories inside? To be honest, I sometimes buy a book because I like the cover.


I've tried writing chick lit and still can't separate fantasy from reality. Stranger than fiction, eh?


I changed the template. Again.


I wish I can find the drive to blog. I have this paranoia inside me that I'd be exhausted from writing if I blog.

Anyway. I've built up quite an inventory of stories. I appreciate the critical eyes of friends too.


After a year, I am rediscovering photography. Too bad my photoblog was given away because I haven't updated it for years.


Punch me, I'll bleed.


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